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Crystal  L. Zenon, Grand Coordinator - lA

Denise A. Robertson, Co-Grand Coordinator - CT

Christine Sales, Administrative Assistant / GCCFC - NJ

Mary B. Harpe, Grand Chaplain - OH

Martha Myers, Grand Inner Gate Keeper - NJ

Ron Miller, Grand Outer Gate Keeper - MD

Joan Campbell, Grand Southeast Ark Bearer - MD

Corrine Wrotten, Grand Southwest Ark Bearer - AR


Vonda L. Wilson, Grand Northeast Ark Bearer - OK


Margaret Williams, Grand Northwest Ark Bearer - CT


Tiffany Lathan, Grand Special Deputy – NC


Phyllis E. McLeod, Grand Music Directress - NC


Aline Gallop, Grand Assistance Directress – OK


Jeannie Elam, Grand Soloist – OH


Raineca “Neco” Palmore, Grand Director of Security - DC


Lemuel Dunnigan, Co-Director - NJ


Vernell Ellzy, Security - NJ


Mary T. James, Grand Marshal East - MD


Everetta Myers, Grand Marshal West - SC


Kelly J. Sheppard, Grand Assistant Marshal - PA


James Mack Jr, Grand Instructor - NJ


Ernest E. Edwards Jr., Grand Parliamentarian - AR

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